Zeus 2

The Zeus 2 is a new generation of beauty devices. The latest model in the Dr.Arrivo series offers patented “9-MFIP” technology which contains 16 different currents flowing from nine elements to achieve firmer, smoother skin. Its RF function from the ZeusII is also available. It uses a 200kHz high frequency current that gently warms the skin while promoting lymph flow and metabolism.

The Zeus 2 slot has a similar design to the original Zeus but it adds an extra row of symbols and has more pay lines. The top prize on this game is 150x the stake and there are free spins and re-spins features. The bonus feature allows you to win up to seven times your initial bet. This video slot is available on both PC and Mac platforms. It can be played online or on land-based casinos.

Zeus 2 features the same graphics and gameplay as the first game. There are 50 paylines and an extra row of symbols. The top prize is 150x the stake. The game also has free spins and a re-spin bonus. The top prize is triggered when three lightning bolt symbols appear on a reel. The other two symbols are wilds. You can get as many as three lightning bolts in a row.