Wild west

The Wild West or Old West is a period of history in the United States that encompasses geography, history, folklore, and culture. The American frontier began with the wave of American expansion across mainland North America. It was a time of extreme poverty, high murder rates, and a thriving frontier culture. Today, we can learn about this period of history through various historical and popular books. Here are five facts about the Wild and Old Western regions of the United States:

Annie Oakley was a famous gunfighter in the Wild West who set records in shooting contests. She was later married and her husband followed her to the grave, so she never made her comeback. Butch Cassidy was a wanted man in the 1800s and robbed banks and trains. He died at age 30 after being captured by the authorities. He was a notorious outlaw and is known for his infamous horse riding and daring deeds.

Butch Cassidy was a notorious outlaw who robbed banks and trains. He also teamed up with Doc Holliday. Butch was one of the most famous outlaws in the history of the Wild West. This was also the time when the first female outlaw, Annie Oakley, became a household name. The OK Corral was the scene of a minor scuffle, but it resulted in a deadly shooting.