1 can 2 can

This 1 can 2 can slot is based on a beautiful tropical island. The toucans are a main feature and the reels are full of bright flowers and lush vegetation. The toucans are also a key trigger for the features that come with the game. This game is available on PCs and mobile devices, and has a nice blend of features. The game has a standard format and is easy to use. You can play it on your mobile phone or tablet.

You'll find that the game has a simple interface with only a few controls on each reel. However, there is a lot of flexibility to adjust the game to your own preferences. There are five wheels and 25 pay lines, and each one has a different value. Your bet per line is set at one coin, and you can bet from a penny to $10. You can also play more than one pay line to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot.

There are 12 different symbols in the 1Can 2 Can slot. There is a Scatter symbol and a Wild symbol. The lowest-valued symbols are the 9 and 10. These symbols award you with 5x-50x your line bet. The next highest-valued symbols are the J and Q and the A and K. The Flower and Feather symbols are the most valuable. The Gecko is the lowest-valued symbol, with 25x-100x line bet.